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Construction Accidents

You’ve had an accident at a construction site, you’re injured, and now you and your family’s lives have been changed forever. It’s important to understand your legal options.

Every injury or death scenario is different. Each one requires a specific level of intervention, and because injury recovery is case-specific, gaining a full understanding of the options is of immediate importance.

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What should I do after a construction accident?

Report Immediately

First, the accident must be reported immediately. If the injury requires emergency medical care, the case is documented automatically.

Medical Attention

Next, seek medical attention. If you intend to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, you will need to visit an approved facility. Having a medical professional evaluate your injuries is an important initial step in seeking damages.

Use Caution

Last, you may be contacted by your employer’s insurance agency following the accident to offer you a settlement. Avoid engaging with an insurance company representative or accepting any offers until you have engaged the Law Offices of Ramiro Lopez.

A fallen and injured construction worker in a hard hat laying on the ground at a construction work site

What do I need to know about compensation for a construction accident?


  • Following a construction or workplace accident, you might be left with permanent injuries that make it impossible to resume your job.
  • You might not understand the full extent of your injuries and their aftermath until long after the healing process has begun.
  • At the Law Office of Ramiro Lopez, we’ll work to determine what you’re entitled to recover. You might be entitled to Worker’s Compensation, and depending on the facts, you may have the right to sue the manufacturer of faulty equipment, other managers or engineers involved with the job, drivers or other machinery operators, or other non-employed contractors who were working on the job.

How the Law Office of Ramiro Lopez Can Help


At the Law Office of Ramiro Lopez, we will collect information via a free consultation. Prepare to answer the following questions:

  • The severity of your injuries and losses
  • The possible party or parties who may be at fault
  • Whether the injury occurred within the past two years (exact date of the accident)

Once the consultation is complete, we’ll follow up with you to provide next steps. We understand local laws and utilize the necessary to investigate an accident. Our attorneys are experienced with working with insurance companies and hospitals on our client’s behalf and are skilled in the art of negotiation when pursuing a case.

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