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Wrongful Death

There is nothing harder on you or your family than the death of a loved one.

The Law Office of Ramiro Lopez represents the spouses, family members, and loved-ones of people whose lives were tragically taken due to the negligence of someone else.

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What do I need to know about wrongful death compensation?


In a case of wrongful death, a civil lawsuit is often the only real justice available to your family. The two types of wrongful death lawsuits in Texas.

  1. Compensation on behalf of the deceased who survived the initial accident and later passed away. Family members such as spouses, parents, and children may bring the suit on behalf of their deceased loved one. Compensation may include:
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Medical expenses
    • Funeral and burial expenses.
  2. The second type of wrongful death claim is one family members (parents, spouse, children) bring for their personal loss of the loved one. Damages may include:
    • Pecuniary losses: Losses family members endure like loss of care, maintenance, support, services, advice, counsel, and any contribution the family member, in reasonable probability, would have received from the decedent.
    • Loss of companionship and society: Refers to the loss of love, comfort, and companionship suffered by a family member due to the death of a loved one.
    • Mental anguish: The emotional pain and suffering a family member experiences due to the death of a loved one.
    • Loss of inheritance: The present value of assets the decedent would have left to a family member as part of his or her estate.

Punitive damages may be available in some cases but only in situations where the death was caused by a “willful act or omission or gross negligence of the defendant.” (Tex. Civ. Code Title 4 Sec. 71.009)

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How the Law Office of Ramiro Lopez Can Help


The Law Office of Ramiro Lopez understands local laws and utilizes the  resources necessary to investigate an accident. Our attorneys are experienced with working with insurance companies and hospitals on your behalf and are skilled in the art of negotiation when pursuing a case.

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